Renovating your home or work environment can be one of the biggest interior design hassles. As exciting as it may sound at first, there are some obstacles that you will have to overcome to get something that truly satisfies you. 

There are an unlimited number of eye-catching design ideas, from freestanding bookshelves to wardrobes and closets. But sometimes, the only way to have your living space reflect your personality is to hire bespoke joinery in London to turn your desires into tangible, tailor-made furniture. Here is everything you need to know to design a custom piece of furniture perfect for your home.

Bespoke Joinery in L

Everything Needs a Purpose

So let us say you have found a bespoke joinery in London. What’s the next step? You need to think about the purpose of your new joinery. You may be one of those people who ruthlessly discards all but necessary items and have a habitually tidy home. However, the rest of us need a solution: storage space. In this case, the purpose could be to hide things from view.

Or you may have beautiful and fancy furniture that you like to show off. Maybe you want to add character to your home by installing a built-in, well-maintained bookcase. Or you may want to incorporate your existing household items into your living room in a more stylish way, such as by camouflaging your TV or decorating around artwork, chairs and tables.

Whatever it is, you need to be clear about your goal, both with yourself and with your interior designer. This will save a lot of time and energy, and the end result will definitely be more satisfying. Nevertheless, you don’t have to think only in one direction. Having a multifunctional piece of furniture in your home is an excellent way to improve space efficiency and add a “wow factor” to your design.

If you do a little searching, you can find innovative and elegant bespoke staircases made of wood that serve multiple purposes. For example, a stair flight that doubles as a bookcase, utilizing every inch of space. It’s incredible how a staircase can become a favourite part of the house – especially if you are a voracious reader.

Choose the Right Materials & Finish

When we talk about bespoke joinery in London, the material is, of course, by definition, wood. Still, there is a wide range of options to choose from depending on colour, finish, texture, durability, etc. Solid wood is the classic choice – unfortunately, most of what you see on the market is cheap, mass-produced, flat-pack, good-for-nothing material. However, a high-quality veneer can be a viable option.

If you are missing a natural wood finish in your home, a combination of solid wood and veneer is the best choice to ensure your wooden items stand the test of time. Cost-wise, a veneer can undoubtedly be cheaper, but that’s not always the case. Costs can vary depending on the type, species and application.

Appearance-wise, solid wood is otherworldly. But it can warp and move in very high or very low temperatures and humidity. A veneer with a high-quality MDF or plywood substrate is more stable and sometimes stronger than solid wood. 

Top-quality MDF with a natural wood accent is an excellent choice, especially for furniture and cabinets, due to its stability and strength. Waterproof MDF is also a popular option for bathrooms, kitchens or other areas exposed to heat or moisture. 

The first and foremost consideration here is quality. But don’t worry. At WoodCraf LTD, bespoke joinery in London, you’ll find top-notch materials and the highest level of skill and precision to build your ideal wooden doors, windows, staircases, or furniture.

Don’t Miss on the Exterior Home Design

Very often, people just don’t see the point of changing the exterior of their house. They think it will cost a fortune or take a lifetime to renovate. But that is far from the truth. Of course, you can pay a fortune, but even with a small budget, your options are unlimited. It adds to your house’s personality and value. So you can think of it as both an artwork or an investment.

When it comes to changing the external façade of the building, you should approach the front and back differently. The front is about curb appeal and making a good first impression. On the other hand, the back is about connecting the interior spaces with the garden.

Bespoke Wooden Door

We can also consider the front door as part of the exterior design. Making more of the front door and creating a better sense of arrival will immensely increase your home’s value. You can also add external insulation, but it requires good planning, and you need to ensure that the appropriate membranes, vapour barriers and ventilation gaps are considered to prevent condensation.

Incorporate an Elegant Cove Lighting System into Your Design

Indirect lighting always works wonderfully. It is less intense, creates a cozy atmosphere, and eliminates the need for overhead lighting that shines directly into your eyes. To create a subtle and aesthetically pleasing ambience, cove lighting can be integrated into almost any home decor item, such as bookshelves, above the accent wall, or under the bed.

Concealed lighting is also a fantastic idea for outdoor areas where less direct light is needed in the evening. It provides just enough light for everyone to see yet is wonderfully unobtrusive and atmospheric.

Bottom Line

There are no limits when it comes to designing your interior and exterior spaces. But Bespoke Joinery in London is undoubtedly something that you cannot afford to miss. As long as you have a clear idea of what you want, WoodCraft, bespoke joinery in London, can give you good advice on the design and approach. 

You do not need a big design project if you are not ready for it. Even the smallest, inexpensive changes can make a huge difference. Remember, first and foremost; you should enjoy your living space by creating a warm, inviting environment and a sense of satisfaction. 

We offer galaxy-class design and construction by a well-coordinated team of carpentry and joinery specialists to make that dream a reality. Our diverse offer includes everything you need, from doors, windows, staircases, and furniture in various colours and styles, designed specifically for each customer.

Quality, reliability, and safety are key drivers of our bespoke carpentry solutions. With WoodCraft Joinery London LTD, you will receive excellent service and one-of-a-kind expertise. Get in touch today.